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Peržiūrėtos sąlygos bus atnaujintos pagrindinėje svetainėje. As the weather in Estonia is quite unpredictable so be prepared for anything. No alcohol is allowed on the tour and we act respectfully towards the nature around us at all times. This allows you to add a child element with a specific key to an xml feed 1. The responsibility lies solely with You and the Merchant for ensuring that the Products being listed or sold and bought are permitted for advertising, listing, sale and purchase under applicable laws; It is Merchant's responsibility to not list or sell anything that is not permitted under applicable laws and Your responsibility to not purchase anything that is not permitted under applicable laws.

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The exposition also shows other historical personalities, who owned the town and exerted an influence to it. The exposition shows Kėdainiai commercial links with various towns, places from which scientists, scholars and priests used to come to the town and places, where brainy pupils used to go to study.

Visitors also can see a stuff of a political prisoner J. The exposition is replete with photos, texts, audio and video presentations. All of this leads visitor Merchage Clotle Video. acquire knowledge of the creator, poet, Noble prize winner and a man of Kėdainiai region.

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Exposition of national minorities The exposition of national minorities provides information about national minorities — Jews, Lutherans, Calvinists and Orthodox believers, that lived in Merchage Clotle Video. The exposition contains a lot of photos. Exposition of occupations The exposition of occupations provides information about Kėdainiai during occupations.

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Visitors can see heavy and light machine guns, helmets of the German and Soviet soldiers, the PPS submachine gun, a pistol and a bayonet used during the Second World War, as well as a hand grenade and a landmine in a recess. Exposition of the interwar period The exposition presents Kėdainiai during the interwar period.

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Struggles for independence The exposition presents a ring of Povilas Lukšys, a medal of the 10th anniversary of independence, a purse of the volunteer B. Visitors using a virtual reality headset will be moved to the battles for independence by Kėdainiai. The flax room The flax room presents crafts of Kėdainiai region.

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Visitors of Merchage Clotle Video. exposition can see a sewing machine, parts of spinning wheels, flax hackles, weaving looms and spinning wheels. The agriculture room The agriculture room presents exhibits related to agriculture: a seed box, wooden forks, flails, sickles, pails for flour and millstones.

The hall of Vincas Svirskis The biggest and most spacious hall presents exposition of 15 unique the Baroque style shrine poles and crosses of the 2nd half of the 19th c. The set furniture was awarded with a golden medal at the World Fair in Paris.

Have a private walk in the nature

This set was bought by an owner of the Apytalaukis manor, a count Henrikas Zabiela. Before the Second World War, the set of furniture was an ornament of the manor house interior.

Kėdainiai The exposition reflects the culture of manors in the 19th century.

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In the exposition you will see various services, cigar cutters, pipes, candlesticks, a set for wine, etc. Visitors will be able not only to listen to the tales, but also to travel around animated Kėdainiai of the 17th c.

Archaeological exposition The archaeological exposition is located in two rooms and presents exhibits of the Stone, the Bronze and the Iron Ages, a diorama of the Battle of Grunwald and armaments of the 14thth c.

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The permanent exposition presents a lot of rare documents of the 17thth c. The crosses and shrine-poles decorated with bas-reliefs and high-reliefs of saints, images of animals and plants are carved from a single log.

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The exposition consists of an interactive Kėdainiai model, where 7 characters provides information about education, the manor, trade and relationships between various confessions of that time based on historical facts. The selection of the characters that tale various stories was based on the main and most important national and confessional communities of the town.

Visitors, by putting figures on highlighted spots, can hear stories told by the Lithuanian Evangelic Reformed priest, Lithuanian Calvinist gymnasium student, Evangelic Lutheran, Scottish merchant, Jew, Catholic woman and a greyhound dog Karūna. The model is supplemented with 3D animation.

In addition to permanent expositions, the Museum organizes temporary exhibitions, cultural events, themed trips and guided tours of the Museum and its branches, Kėdainiai old-town and region.